Guidelines to fill up the Application Form Online

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Following is required to fillup the online application form:
  1. An Identification Document [(i) Aadhaar Card; (ii) Passport; (iii) Voter ID issued by the Election Commission of India; (iv) Bank Passbook affixed with the photograph (v) Driving License; (vi) Pan Card; (vii) any other valid Government ID and (viii) Admit Card issued by the concerned Boards (students appearing in Class 12)]
  2. E-mail ID for registration and for receiving all future correspondence till the admission process is over and subsequently, if admitted.
  3. Mobile Number (in use) to receive SMS based notifications/communications related to the online application, Admit card, Entrance Test Result, Admission Counselling etc till the admission process is over and subsequently, if admitted.
  4. Recent passport size colour photograph (for scanning and uploading in "jpeg" format only. File size of scanned photograph should not be more than 100KB).
  5. Your signature using Blue/Black pen on white sheet (for scanning and uploading in "jpeg" format only. File size of scanned signature should not be more than 100KB).
  6. Access to an online payment facility / service such as-Net Banking/ Credit card/ ATM-cum-Debit card
    If you do not have Net Banking facility/Credit Card or ATM-cum Debit Card, you can pay the fee in cash at any branch of HDFC Bank through the Challan downloaded from the Entrance Test Portal. You will be able to download the duly filled up HDFC Bank challan from the Entrance Test Portal only when you select the "cash payment" option while filling the application form online.
2. Online Application Process
The online application making process will have following six stages:

1: Registration on the Portal []

This step involves authentication of Candidate's email id and mobile number. As all important communications related to Entrance Test and Admission will be sent to the registered email id and mobile number, candidates are advised to give their correct email id/ mobile number (in use).

Following are the steps for Registration on the portal (

Step 1: Please click on "Apply for Admission" button given on the home page of the BHU Entrance Test Portal (


Step 2: On clicking the link, you will be directed to a new page having an Applicant Login Box. Below the login fields there is a link "Register Yourself". Please click on this link.


Step 3: When you click the link you will be shown a Registration Form asking for various details. Fields for information marked with "Red coloured bullets" are to be essentially filled up. These fields cannot be left blank. Once you fill the details, you can click on the "Sign up" button at the bottom for completing the registration process.


Step 4: Activation and validation of Registration

  1. On successful submission of registration details, you would be shown a confirmation message on the screen. You will also receive an e-mail on the e-mail ID provided by you in the Registration Form and a validation code on your registered mobile number. This email will contain an activation link. You need to click on this activation link to confirm and complete your registration process.

    Note: This confirmation and activation link e-mail might land up in your "Spam Folder" or "Junk Folder". So, in case you do not find the registration confirmation e-mail in your "Inbox", please check your "Spam Folder" or "Junk Folder". If you find the e-mail from in your "Spam Folder" or "Junk Folder', please report it as "Not Spam" and/or add the same to your contact list so that the subsequent e-mails from always come in your Inbox. Always check your "Spam Folder" or "Junk Folder' for e-mails from the BHU Entrance Test Portal.

  2. Click on this activation link received in the e-mail. You account will not be activated until you have clicked on this activation link, so do not forget this important step.
  3. On clicking the activation link, you will be directed to the validation page in which you are required to give the validation code sent on your email and registered mobile number. Enter the validation code received to complete the registration process.

2. Filling up of Online Identification Details Form

On successful validation, you will be allowed login and directed to Identification Details Form.In this section of the Application Form,the candidates would be required to fill up an Identification Form giving particulars of the documents for their identification. For the purposes, following photo identification documents are allowed: (i) Aadhaar Card; (ii) Passport; (iii) Voter ID issued by the Election Commission of India; (iv) Bank Passbook affixed with the photograph (v) Driving License; (vi) Pan Card; (vii) any other valid Government ID Number and (viii) Admit Card issued by the concerned Boards (students appearing in Class 12). Candidate should carefully write the correct spelling of their names as carried in their identification document (as applicable).


Step 2:After carefully filling up the "Identification Details Form", submit your identification details.

NOTE: The candidates shall be compulsorily required to carry their identification document (as provided in the application process) to the examination centre for their identification alongwith the Entrance Test Admit Card, failing which such candidate shall not be allowed in the examination hall.

3: Course Selection

After filling up the "Identification Details Form", candidates would be able to see the following page with the title "Status of Submitted Applications" :


Step 1: Select course type and course name from the drop down boxes given at the bottom. Check the eligibility and in case you are eligible for the course click the checkbox given below regarding confirmation of the terms and conditions and the eligibility to proceed further for filling up the application form by clicking "Add Course" button.

4. Filling up Online Application Form after course selection

After adding the course of your choice, following screen will appear showing status of submitted application. On the left panel, various other buttons such as 'Applicant Details', 'Select Test Mode (for UET-2020 only)', 'Test Centre Preference', 'Upload Photograph and Signature' etc are given. These are various sections of the form. Application Status section shows which sections of the form is complete and which is incomplete. You can click the left panel button to go to the section of the form which are incomplete.


Step 1: After you have added the first course of your choice and come to the above screen, all the four sections of the Application Form would be shown as incomplete. Click on the 'Applicant Details' button on the left panel. On clicking, following form will appear on the screen. Some of its fields would be pre-filled with the details you gave at the time of registration. Fill up other required details correctly.
Note: Mandatory fields have been marked with red asterix. They are to be essentially filled up before you will be allowed to 'Save' the form.


Step 2: After you have filled up all the required fields of the 'Application form', Click on the 'Save' button given at the bottom of the page (as shown above).
Note: For details related to specific fields in the application form, eligibility condition, number of seats, fee etc please refer to the Information Bulletin available on the BHU's Entrance Test Portal (

Step 3: Uploading scanned photograph and signature (in jpeg format; size limit 100kb)
To upload the image file of scanned passport size colour photograph and signature, click the button 'Upload Photograph and Signature' button available on the left panel. On clicking, you will see the following screen:


(Your scanned passport photo should be within 3.5 x 4.5 cm in size, scanning resolution should be within 100 dpi & file size should be less than 100 KB.)

guidline10If you are facing any problem to upload your photo or the photo is rejected by the system then you are required to resize your photo as per the sample images shown here.

To Resize your scanned photo, follow the following steps:

  1. Right click on the scaned photo file → Open with → Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  2. Then look at the top menus, Click Picture → Resize
  3. Now look at the right pannel, Select the radio button Custom width x height, And write width = 138px, height = 177px. Then Click OK to complete.
  4. If you are not able to do this properly, then you can try 'Crop' feature for the 'Picture' menu
  5. The save the file.

Step 4: Select Test Mode (For applicants of UET 2020 only)
UET-2020 will be conducted both in the pen - paper (OMR based) and Computer Based Test (CBT) modes for both UET & PET 2020 would be conducted on the same date and at the same time with the same question paper. Test in CBT mode only will be conducted in 202 cities accross the country.

In this section, an applicant of UET-2020 shall have to opt either the Pen-Paper Mode or the CBT mode of test.

NOTE: Option once exercised by a candidate shall be final; no change under any circumstances shall be permitted.

Step 5: Filling up preference for Test Centres
For applicants of UET & PET 2020:All the tests will be conducted in CBT mode only in 202 cities across the country. The details of cities can be seen at Section 11 of the URT/PET 2020 Information Bulletin available on the Entrance Test Portal ( To fill up your preference of Test Centre, click the button 'Test Centre Preference' available on the left panel.


Step 6: Atleast one City in most of the States of the Country have been identified where centres would be available. Select the State from the drop down menu and then select the City in that State as the Test Centre of your choice. You may fillupupto 5 test centres, in order of your preference:


Step 7: After filling up all your preferences click the 'Save and Continue' Button given at the bottom.

5. Preview and submission of filled up Online Application Form
Upto this stage, you have completed all stages of the Application Form. Now, click the ' Preview before Confirmation' button given at the bottom of the page. This will help you see entries made in various sections of the Application Form. In case you want to edit some details, you should do so before clicking 'I confirm the above' checkbox and clicking the 'Confirm and Submit' button because once you confirm and submit an application form, it cannot be edited further.

NOTE: If you are sure that all details are correct and you wish to submit the application, click on the button "Proceed for submission and payments". When you click on the button, you would be shown a page which lists the various applications which are completed. There is also a small declaration which is to be confirmed. Select the applications you want to submit and click on the declaration after reading it thoroughly. This is important.


6. Payment of Application Processing Fee to successfully submit Application Form(s)
After you have confirmed and submitted your application, you will be come to 'My Application' Section. On this page, you can add other courses you wish to apply for. For every course selected under UET 2020, you will have to opt for mode of test and test centres as per process given in above sections.

This page will also contain details of the applications filled by you and the application status.


Step 1: For making payment of application processing fee, click the 'Make Payments' Icon on above page or from the 'Dashoard'. On clicking you will see the following screen.


Step 2: You can select the applications for which you want to pay the Entrance Test Fee by clicking the checkbox given in the extreme right column with the column heading 'Select to Pay'.You have option of paying Entrance Test Fee online (using Netbanking, Credit Card/ Debit Card) through payment gateway available on the Portal [by clicking 'Continue for online Payment'] or to pay in cash at any branch of HDFC through challan printed from the portal [by clicking the 'Cash Payment through' HDFC Bank' button on the right side].

Step 3: On clicking 'Continue for online Payment', following screen will appear:


Step 4: On clicking 'Cash Payment through' HDFC Bank', following screen will appear:


Step 5: Step 5:On clicking 'generate and Print Challan', HDFC Challan containing all details can be printed:


7. How do I know that my Application Form is successfully submitted?

Go to 'My Applications' section using the dashboard. The Section will show as follows. You can see that after successful submission (only after payment of Entrance Test Fee), Application Status column shows 'OK' and a payment id has appeared under 'Payment Id column'. This shows that application has been successfully submitted. Also note that after this stage, the 'Delete' column is blank. This means that after this stage you will not be able to delete an application.


The candidate is required to check the status of fee payment at BHU website ( and if the status is 'OK', then only candidate will be able to take printout of Application Form. In case, the fee payment status does not show the payment id/ OK status, the candidate is advised to act as follows:
(i) If the fee is paid through e-challan by depositing cash in designated bank, the candidate should immediately contact the concerned bank to update his/her fee status on the website within the last date for submission of online application form.
(ii) If the fee is paid through credit/debit card and status is not OK, it means the transaction is cancelled and the amount will, automatically, be refunded to concerned credit/debit card within 7 – 10 days. Therefore, such candidate has to pay the fee once again and ensure the OK status within the last date for submission of online application form.

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